DrupalCon Prague is trying a number of new structures to better serve the community. In previous DrupalCons, it was always a contradiction. The community track was considered very important, but it was the least attended. Why? Because the folks who contribute to Drupal are giving other presentations, BoF's or were having other meetings!

This year, we dedicated the Monday before the formal DrupalCon program to a Community Day. Addison Berry introduced the day as a working day that we're really going to get stuff done. She cited many times when the community gets together, talks about a problem, nothing is documented and plans are not made. Then, the next time they get together, they re-hash what was discussed before.

The rules here are to document clear-cut plans that can be implemented to improve Drupal and our community. The working groups worked to provide those deliverables in these areas:

  • Drupal Ladder and mentoring
  • DrupalCamp kit - Providing resources for DrupalCamps
  • The future of Drupal events
  • Conflict resolution in the community

And there could have been others.

News flash: At the start of Community Day, Holly Ross announced that the Drupal Association is opening a European Office.

Many thanks to Addison Berry and Morten DK who organized this day of community planning. Personally, I will be interested to see how we incorporate this type of activity in our next DrupalCon in North America: DrupalCon Austin.

Check out what happend at DrupalCon Prague on Tuesday.