Now that we're past the first day of sessions, we're deep into a full day of sessions.

Keynote. Lisa Welchman. Lisa is a consultant who traditionally consults with groups conflicted on who will own content: marketing, vs IT vs. whoever. Lisa has been observing the Drupal community for the last several months. Succinctly, she gets the impression that Drupal values developers more than other potential contributors to the community and does not give the impression as being as open to non-developers. To foster a professionally-diverse community, we must focus on governance: (1) deciding who decides and (2) deciding how we decide.

Let me digress for a moment. There were very few people in the audience. 9 am is not too early to get out of bed. I think that the lack of attendance reaffirmed Lisa's thesis. A large number of attendees saw that this was not a technical keynote and skipped it. 

Yet, selecting keynotes for a DrupalCon is similar to booking an act for half time at the Super Bowl. Finding someone who will please such a diverse audience borders on the impossible.

WF Tools. So, as soon as I indict the Drupal community for being to code-centric, I go to a session about WF Tools - a suite of tools to deploy code, content and configurations. Traditionally, Drupal code changes get promoted up from test to staging to production, but databases get pushed down from production to staging to test. This set of tools enables code and database changes to be be packaged into jobs that promote code, configuration and database changes up from test through production. If this is interesting, you'll need to watch the video.

DA Board Meeting. Unfortunately, I missed the first 15 minutes of the board meeting, but, immediately after it was announced, I tweeted that Matthew Saunders and Morten DK were elected to the board. Congratulations Matthew and Morten.

How to close 1000+ websites and replace them with a Drupal platform. Pro People outlines how they are converting Copenhagen's soup-to-nuts technology mish-mash and standardizing on Drupal. The truly refreshing aspect of this presentation was how honest the presenters were about what they inherited and where they want to go. They have been working for 1-1/2 years and they showed their plan through 2015.

Having planned and implemented various types of groupings of Drupal sites, the most interesting aspect of this implementation is the magnitude and planning involved in addressing this many sites.

Automate Drupal Deployments with Linux with Containers, Docker and Vagrant.  At Monarch, we have installed test versions of sites on our local Ubuntu workstations. Some of us (that's you, Caleb) have used virtual machines (VMs) to package a development environment that could be transfered between workstations. However, VMs have a large footprint and can be relatively slow. Ricardo shows how you can use containers, Docker and Vagrant to accomplish most everything a VM can do without the overhead. Even better, Docker configurations can even be committed to git. Build once, run anywhere. Fantastic!

Drupal 6 security updates. I have been involved with discussions with a number of folks at DrupalCon Prague about whether there will be security updates for Drupal 6 after Drupal 8 is released. The policy has been that Drupal 6 will be sunsetted when D8 is released. However, some folks said that the security team would keep providing security updates for D6. I've found posts from end customers offering to pay for security updates for D6 rather than undertake the cost of upgrading. Anyone out there know the "official" word?

Making Support a Blast. We do so much Drupal support, I just had to go to this session just due to the title. I think when you do something long enough, you stumble into best practices one way or another. Mostly, we were doing most of what was covered here. Understandably, sukottokun urges charging a lower billing rate for monthly minimum contracts compared to pay-as-you-go. We charge a single rate for everything. It's easier for accounting and invoicing. Even more importantly, as a customer, I would prefer a simpler, one-rate system vs. making me commit to a plan that I'm not sure I'll need.

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