Making a custom panoramic image viewer is very straightforward when you use Three.js. All you have to do is create a sphere object, place a camera in the middle of it, and add the image to the backside of the sphere. Most of the controls are already available for you with the default library features. Typically, I like to use the orbit control library to get a nice fluid view.

The nice thing about programming the image viewer yourself is that you can customize it easily! If you want the camera to slowly look around you can simply add a rotation to the y-axis of the camera in the render function. You can also add your own object inside of the image. This could be a replacement for cube mapping if large enough and you need more seamless edges.

The example below can be utilized by clicking and dragging with your mouse. I added a VR component to this one that will work with software like Google Cardboard.

(You can inspect the Three.js code for this example by clicking on the JS tab in the Codepen demo below.)

See the Pen Panoramic Image Viewer by Bryan Jones (@bartuc) on CodePen.