June 7, 2012
In this article I will show you how to create a simple file uploader for Drupal 7. The example will show how to upload a .csv file to the server and parse it using batch processing. (Batch processing will allow you to go through any size csv without… Read More
January 31, 2012
LDAP is hard to get working with your Drupal site. Luckily there is a module that helps with that (as there usually is). Unfortunately the module currently only provides the ability to log in through LDAP. You can not check to see if the user exists… Read More
January 24, 2012
CSS3 has become popular with the latest web browser releases and is increasingly being incorporated into web site designs, however, these features do not work in the older versions of Internet Explorer (IE). While we all would love for everyone to… Read More
October 7, 2011
A Views 3 style controls how the output is formatted and allows the user to set predefined values. Using custom styles, programmers can create very unique looking lists such as charts, graphs, and time lines. In the example below, I will explain how… Read More