Departmental Integration and Revamped Architecture

Phase 2 of the City of Colorado Springs website re-architecture and design began in 2017 and concluded in April of 2018. The completion of this project brought to fruition several years of effort by several dozen team members at both Monarch and the City. The end result is a website that will better serve the needs of the thousands of residents of Colorado Springs, and be focal point for engagement for the local community.

The array of services provided by Monarch for Phase 2 included:

Implementation of a custom mega menu and navigation scheme, where pages can have unique bread crumb navigation links, making it easier for visitors to navigate to various pages differently based on the context of how the page link is found.

A custom alert system that allows for notifications to display for specific departments or globally across the website as desired.

Department subdomain websites and portals were integrated more fully into the main site to create a more cohesive platform for all of the cities constituent organizations.

Improved content authoring experience by adding custom WYSIWYG plugins for adding slideshow and media content that is standardized for their website’s content.

The Flight Tracking Map for the FlyCOS portal was redesigned to provide a more visually appealing and intuitive representation of which airlines allow you to fly non-stop to the Colorado Springs airport.