Access Products prides itself on its customer service.  The company has government contracts to provide printing supplies to a number of government agencies.  Access Products wanted to provide a custom purchasing portal for each agency, but they didn't want the overhead of developing and maintaining a completely separate site for each major customer.

Monarch Digital developed a unique multi-site Drupal implementation that minimizes site maintenance and cost while allowing the company to easily add new custom client sites.  All customer sites are polling the same Drupal database, just like a standard multi-site Drupal implementation.  Each customer organization has its own subdomain,,, etc.  Each customer's site is custom-themed, providing the unique look for that customer.  

To implement a secure online ordering process, Monarch needed to implement an SSL certificate across all sites.  However, traditional SSL certificates will only correctly work for a specific domain name.  For example, an SSL certificate for will not correctly work for the subdomain  Monarch acquired and implemented a wildcard SSL so all current and future subdomains could use the same SSL certificate.  Out of the box, the Drupal SecurePages module does not support wildcard SSL certificates, so Monarch had to modify this module.

For a number of business reasons, Access Products needed to keep its master product catalog in a database located at their site.  Monarch developed an easy product upload and import process that uploads and updates the online product catalog.  As all of the client organizations are using the same database, all customers receive the updates immediately and Access Products personnel only need to upload the updated product catalog once.