Drupal Migrations, Upgrades, and Conversions

Drupal Migrate

At the core of the upgrade and conversion of Drupal websites is the Drupal migration framework. As opposed to manually copying over content or user information into your Drupal website from spreadsheets or older versions of Drupal, we create a custom module to capture, clean up, and import your content through an automated workflow.

While the time savings that come with using an automated process to do the migration of your content can be really nice (and perhaps mandatory if you need to migrate hundreds or thousands of records), the avoidance of human error from manually copying records one by one is probably its greatest benefit.

Monarch Digital will work closely with your team to identify the most effective approach to migrate your content and ensure that it is accurately and successfully imported into your Drupal website.

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Drupal Upgrade

Like all open-source software solutions, Drupal is a constantly evolving platform for content management. Even if you are actively doing Drupal website maintenance in order to deploy security and feature updates on a regular basis, at some point a new major version of Drupal will be released. Coinciding with every major update to Drupal (6, 7, 8, etc.) is the eventual end-of-life support by the Drupal Core and Drupal Security teams for that deprecated version.

Your organization may choose to upgrade right away or wait till the new version is more established, but ultimately you will want to upgrade to a supported version. Monarch Digital can help you get through the upgrade process, which with the latest version is no longer a "push button" affair. Drupal upgrades now effectively require a custom migration solution to be developed. We've worked on upgrades from Drupal 6, 7, and 8, and bring a tremendous amount of experience to the project.

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Drupal Conversions

Do you need to:

  • Get off a proprietary database (on a LAN or online) to a supported platform (Drupal or not)?
  • Find someone to support your existing system and migrate it to a supported technology?

It is commonly the case where an organization's website doesn't start our on the Drupal content management system. Any website that has been around for more than 10 years has probably been one a different platform (Wordpress, .Net, etc.) at some point, maybe even starting out as static HTML.

Drupal is an excellent framework for developing complex custom websites, and so many organizations eventually end up migrating to it. Using the Drupal migration API, Monarch Digital can convert your existing website from just about any type of format or database configuration, into a new Drupal website. During that kind of project, it is also a great time to perform a clean-up and reorganization of your content so that the new version of your website launches in the best format possible.

If you're interested in reading more about Drupal data conversion and migration best practices, check out our Drupal data conversions white paper.

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