Inside Monarch

Welcome. You found our secret page. Frankly, most of these posts are just inside jokes here at Monarch. If you don't understand the humor, it's not you... It's us.

From David: "I blame Shakespeare."

Fix all the thingsFrom our ticketing system.

Getting to the gym earlier than yesterday. My phone says that it is minus 15 degrees F in Colorado Springs. I actually feel a little warmer since my car in lying to me.

DashboardCrazy cold in Colorado today. I want full credit for making it to the gym this morning.

David Csonka's new deskWe are proud to announce that David Csonka will be joining Monarch Digital on Friday!

During his probationary period, we have this special workstation set up for him. This is kind of a Monarch tradition. It's also an excuse for all of us to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.

New employee Monarch Digital workstationOn November 1, we will have our newest developer join Monarch Digital. We do not scrimp on office supplies or computer equipment for our folks.

DrupalCon Belgian Chocolates. Yum! Thanks, Dries!

DrupalCon KorunasNow, I'm ready to go to DrupalCon Prague.

"Beloved Drupal Godfather" could sound ominous, but, in the open source community, it is a wonderful complement: 

DrupalCamp Colorado 2013's youngest attendee, who happened to be "wearing" Monarch's t-shirt on day 2!