Drupal Development Services

Custom Drupal Module Development

We develop custom modules for Drupal for versions 6, 7, and 8. These modules range from simple one-off modules that make simple alters or modifications to base functionality, to whole suites of custom modules that provide entirely new features and functionalities specially tailored to a client’s specific business needs.

Drupal Custom Theme Design

Monarch creates themes for Drupal for versions 6, 7, and 8. This includes creating entirely new themes from existing designs, upgrading existing themes to a newer framework version while retaining the same design, and converting an older theme to incorporate newer features and concepts like responsive mobile design.

Drupal Conversions and Migrations

Our team conducts conversions of legacy versions of Drupal to 7 and 8, as well as migrations of websites on other platforms (eg. Wordpress, proprietary, etc.) to the Drupal framework.

Drupal Integrations with Third-party APIs

Monarch builds integrations for Drupal with third-party APIs and tools. Third-party integrations allow us to add extra features to a Drupal application without reinventing the wheel.

Front End Application Development

Monarch develops custom front end applications using the latest Javascript frameworks (AngularJS, Vue, etc). Front end applications may be powered by Drupal or any other REST API.

Drupal Support Services

ER Fixes and Debugging

Backups and Site Restore

Outage Monitoring/Restore

Security Update Testing

Major Version Upgrades

Content Migration Service

Performance Evaluations

Uptime Assurance Monitor

Design and Strategy Services

Custom Theme Design

Monarch builds new custom theme designs specifically tailored for a client incorporating custom branding and design elements.

Drupal Consulting

Monarch's broad range of experience with the Drupal content management system affords us the capability to consult with clients on a range of use cases.

  • Architecture and planning
  • Conversions, migrations
  • Triage support and performance tuning

Support and Hosting Services

Ongoing Drupal Updates and Maintenance

We offer support plans and on-demand support services, which include security updates, monitoring, and regular backups/restorations, and more.


Many of our clients' websites are hosted on servers we manage, however support can be provided independent of being hosted directly by Monarch.