Mailchimp Integration
"Love What You Do." -MailChimp

The Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) needed extensive MailChimp integration with their site, but the Drupal MailChimp module didn't provide enough of the necessary functionality on its own. BEI needed full list, subscriber, and campaign integration as well as a robust suite of statistics and charting. Using the Drupal MailChimp contributed module to provide access to the MailChimp API, we were able to enhance the basics of what the email system provided and facilitate control of their email campaigns through the Drupal website.

We added a number of areas of additional capabilities:

  • Dynamic campaign stats
  • Dynamic subscriber stats
  • Campaign creation on Drupal
  • Campaign sending from Drupal
    • Immediate send
    • Scheduled send
  • Creation and syncing of MailChimp lists.
  • Custom web hooks on lists to update subscriber based on changes from MailChimp.

All of this functionality essentially integrated the core MailChimp product into the Drupal site, but with more comprehensive statistics and finer control. BEI personnel can still use the MailChimp UI if necessary, but isn't required. BEI can now control hundreds of lists and tens of thousands of subscribers from within their own website.

Monarch Digital regularly integrates external services into new and existing Drupal sites. When custom code is necessary, we pride ourselves on following clean functional coding standards, enforced through extensive code reviews by an independent developer.