Blingby is a personal media experience surrounding music videos, allowing their community to contribute and potentially buy books, movies and trips associated with their favorite videos. The Blingby Drupal site not only provides the desktop experience, but it feeds data via API’s to the Blingby mobile apps and services.

When Blingby needed a wide variety of updates and enhancements to its site, Monarch stepped up to:

  • Update and enhance the API’s that feed Blingby’s mobile apps.
    • Improved API code organization to be more maintainable.
    • Implemented a version 2 for the next generation of mobile apps.
    • Improved response times in API calls.
    • Created new API endpoints for additional data requirements to support the mobile apps.
  • Improve the search results by implementing and enhancing the SOLR search.
  • Improve media and product viewing page for mobile devices through a web browser.

Monarch’s developers have frequently jumped into unfamiliar, complex Drupal sites to provide immediate solutions to pressing issues and to provide long-term, on-call support when needed.