The Catalina 36/375 International Association are owners and enthusiasts of the C36 and C375 sailboats manufactured by Catalina Yachts.

Previous site. Their old website was running on Drupal 5 and was no longer receiving security updates. In addition, the membership organization was also using an outdated version of CiviCRM and had a number of issues with managing their memberships across two sites with two separate logins. There was also a vBulletin forum that required yet another login.

An economical, unified solution. Monarch Digital was charged to provide an inexpensive, integrated solution allowing members to login once, renew, join and contribute to any of the site's content. Enhancements we made:

  • Created a Drupal 7 site and used a contributed (free) theme.
  • Migrated the existing membership data into the D7 site using the Membership Entity module.
  • Migrated the vBulletin posts into the new D7 site.
  • Migrated the existing Drupal 5 content into the new site.
  • Implemented new e-commerce capability for membership joins and renews.
  • Trained the designated content manager from the organization to train others as needed.