With a new statewide initiative to use Drupal for their websites, the state of Colorado brought Monarch in to completely develop the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management website within one month.

With one kickoff meeting in mid-November to initiate the process, Monarch interpretted the needs of the division and its four offices and translated those organizational needs into a complete working site. The Monarch team started working on the site on November 26th and was charged to have the site released to the public by January 1. Monarch beat that deadline by 5 days.

Monarch both provided technical leadership in suggesting potential features for the site while carefully listening to and incorporating the needs of the entire organization. Monarch learned and incorporated statewide standards, setting a recreatable site that could be easily cloned to meet the needs of additional state organizations.

As this was the first Drupal website for the state, Monarch was also able to provide alternatives and leadership for development, hosting and future website configurations.

Monarch provided training to all content managers who had control over their area's website content. We also trained content moderators, who review and approve the content changes. Monarch developed content manager documentation along with system administration documentation for the staff.

Technically, Monarch incorporated features on site and from other online resources to make the site a valuable to all of Colorado in times of an emergency:

  • User dashboards for content managers and moderators making the process of adding, changing and moderating site content accessible from one screen.
  • Extensive social media integration.
  • Numerous unique features and widgets necessary to pleasingly display a great deal of content in a small amount of space.
  • Integration of third party services such as customized Google maps, national alert systems, YouTube videos and more.
  • An extensive contact system that allows the public to find and contact individuals within the organization without revealing their email addresses to robots collecting emails for spamming.
  • A searchable resource library, providing documents, spreadsheets and more to the public.

All of us at Monarch are proud to help the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to prepare Colorado for potential emergencies and assist us when disaster strikes.