Dell Rapids Trailers

Dell Rapids Custom Trailers is a South Dakota company specializing in trailer sales and rentals. As their business grew, so did their website needs. The first major project that Monarch Digital was tasked with, was upgrading their website from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7.

Since making an upgrade to a Drupal website from so far back in the upgrade path can be very technically involved, we've found that it can be a good time to evaluate the whole website for enhancements. So during the upgrade process, Monarch made several significant updates to make the website look and feel more modern:

  • Monarch converted the theme to a responsive theme, supporting mobile devices including phones and tablets.
  • Monarch added styles and features to the administration pages to simplify adding and editing content.
  • We recreated contact information as text to support search engines.
  • We also added links to phone numbers for mobile devices.

All of these features were added during the update process with minimal additional cost thanks to Drupal’s extensive repository of contributed modules and themes. The conversion of the Drupal theme to be mobile responsive was one of the more time-intensive aspects of the theme enhancement project, but Google's endorsement of responsive websites for SEO ensures that it is time well spent.