The design, development and buildout of the new website for the North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS) represents a partnership between Monarch and member volunteers to keep costs to a minimum.

Monarch led the requirements development, UX and technical buildout. Monarch also taught key technical leaders in the society on the use of the web site and even the technical underpinnings of a Drupal site. Society volunteers then took the lead in site theming, non-technical site tuning and even some php coding projects.

NARGS was coming from a manual membership process that minimally supported by the web site to a site that is the centerpiece membership tracking system:

  • Visitors can join the society.
  • Members can renew their memberships.
  • Central office personnel can process membership transactions.
  • Central office personnel can produce a wide variety of membership reports.

Besides managing their own membership online, members can now:

  • Participate in their forum using the same login.
  • Read and download members-only versions of the society's magazine: The Rock Garden Quarterly (1938 - present).
  • Submit photos and comment on various posts on the site.
  • Submit news items and events of interest to the membership at large.

Besides importing the existing blog into the new Drupal website, Monarch set up the structure to:

  • Create an extensive plan and definitional online database.
  • Publicize national speaker tours.
  • List and publicize local chapters.
  • View the committees, members and contact information for various boards and committees.