National Swimming Pool Foundation Membership Site

One of the marquee programs of the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) is the Step Into Swim™ Campaign. This campaign is a 10-year initiative to create 1 million more swimmers. Organized by non-profit, 501(C)(3) National Swimming Pool Foundation®, the campaign raises funds that are directly given to leading learn-to-swim organizations. 

Supporters of the campaign believe that investing in the next generation of swimmers – for fun, for fitness, for family safety – and teaching people of all ages and ethnicities, is a necessary investment and will improve the health and future of our nation.

The NSPF Member website controls the purchasing of memberships for the NSPF and its programs. The main goal of our work with this website was to make joining as easy as possible, simplifying membership selection and online purchasing.


  • Recurring Payments
  • Memberships
  • Easy to Use

This site features an easy to set up recurring payments system based off of months or years. Members may choose their payments, recurring terms, and donations on a single page. While multi-part forms have their place, when the overall workflow for joining an organization is relatively light, a single page sign-up process is ideal, helping to boost the rate of completion.

Once purchased a membership is created and handled exclusively by our Membership Entity module with Commerce integration. Once a member, users will benefit from features provided exclusively for NSPF members.

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