PharmaStrategies, LLC was formed in 2007 to fill the growing demand for pharmacy benefit consulting expertise in the Employee Benefits marketplace. One of the primary pharmacy benefit services it provides to its clientele is the analysis of extensive datasets of client data.

Pharmastrategies brought in Monarch Digital to analyze and upgrade a number of complex MySQL databases. While several non-technical employees from the client team were assigned to update the data on an ongoing basis, Monarch Digital was charged with training these employees on the best practices for data management. We designed a series of training sessions to help their staff understand the entire workflow, including learning the basics of the SQL language to modifying and designing reports.

Since the initial training sessions, Monarch Digital continues to provide ongoing training, new reports, telephone and email support along with suggestions for improvement to queries and report processing. Our most recent projects include updating their MySQL database server to the latest version to take advantage of performance improvements in query processing, especially with derived table and sub-queries.

We've found that some of these combined-effort projects, where the stakeholders collaborate with us to complete the deliverables, end up being some of our most effective at achieving long-term client satisfaction. By leveraging Monarch Digital to provide training and consultation for their own team members, these clients of ours gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the how their web-based assets contribute to their core functions.