When Pueblo County Colorado was faced with a sudden dearth of Drupal talent and a site that needed immediate enhancements, Monarch Digital was able to jump in and provide immediate results.

Often, it is much more difficult to jump into the middle of someone else's website than it is to develop a new site from scratch.  

Monarch's first step is to (a) listen to our customer to learn what the website needs to do and (b) do a comprehensive audit of the site to identify opportunities and problems.

We found that the customized Drupal theme was generally working, but there were many extra template files and extra logic creating an environment that unreliably placed content across the page.  Monarch completely rewrote the theming layer and consolidated unneeded Drupal content types, making adding and changing content easier and more reliable.

Then, Monarch used the original website comps to implement flexible event calendars along with feeds from various community sites.