The website is primary online component of the services provided by the Pueblo City and County Library system that serves the southern central area of Colorado. Pueblo Library came to us needing to move their existing Drupal website off an out of date Windows server. In addition to relocating their website, the library also wanted to create a new Drupal intranet to support the needs of employees and volunteers.

Like much of the Internet, Drupal is most often hosted on Linux or Unix based webservers, but it can in fact run inside of other operating systems such as Windows Server. After some configuration changes, we were able to use Powershell, rather than the terminal service, to install most of the same tools we would on a Linux server.

Some of the technologies installed include:

  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP 5
  • Drush
  • Git

The installation and configuration of "git", a free and open source distributed version control system, required a little more effort than usual. Any files edited on the server could potentially include the carriage return and new line characters, and different operating systems might handle the usage of these characters differently. So, having these characters included in the code repositories stored by git can cause problems with collaboration and development across platforms. To mitigate this potential problem, we configured git to change any line endings to the Unix standard of a new line character to keep standardize the implementation.

Overall, the installation and configuration of technologies required to move the Pueblo City-County website went very smoothly, significantly offloading work from the library's valuable IT staff. Going forward, we continue to support the Pueblo Library websites with security updates and any other site support they identify.