The SNAP-Ed (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education) Connection is a dynamic online resource center for State and local SNAP-Ed providers and is funded by USDA's Food and Nutrition Service and maintained at the National Agricultural Library's Food and Nutrition Information Center. The Web site contains databases, information, and training for people involved with the SNAP-Ed program.

SNAP-Ed is the nutrition promotion and obesity prevention component of SNAP, which you may know of more informally as the “food stamps” program or EBT.

Monarch Digital has worked with the USDA Snap-Ed team to develop the Snap-Ed Resource Library, an online materials submission search tool. The goal of the Resource Library is to facilitate the ability of the Snap-Ed team to manage and share the hundreds (eventually thousands) of resources.

Core features of this tool include:

  • Providing search integration with a Solr search server to provide more granular search filtering with facets.
  • The ability to submit resource materials of various types with extensive input options to record metadata.
  • Receive email updates for new submissions or when existing materials are updated.

SNAP-Ed Search with Solr

Monarch implemented Solr search to help visitors more easily find the information they need. The Search API and related modules were a huge help in this effort. The search page is implemented using a view and is themed to match the design of the site. The facets are mostly based on taxonomy, but in a couple of cases, specific field values are used. The flexibility of these modules allowed us to create a complex search with very little supporting coding needed.

Submission of Resource Material

To grow the number of resources available to the public, Monarch helped SNAP-Ed build a form for resources and related material to be submitted for review, and ultimately, to include in the database of materials.

The resource content needed to be flexible and work across different types of resources. To accomplish this task, we implemented the Field Collection module to share groups of fields and references across multiple content types.

Email Updates

The SNAP-Ed staff need to be notified when a new resource material is submitted for review. Using the Rules module, we implemented a rule to send a custom email upon submission of new content.