Third Future Consultants is a team of professionals who work with low performing school districts on a variety of topics. They support leaders and teachers who are guiding the creation of an adaptive educational system to meet the needs of the modern learner.

The Third Future Consultants came to Monarch Digital to build a new, economical website before they started bidding on contracts. There are many excellent technologies available for quickly building small brochure sites including content management systems like Drupal and Wordpress.

We chose to build this site on the Drupal 7 platform because of our extensive experience with Drupal. To help focus on keeping costs low while also speeding up development, Monarch purchased a responsive theme selected by the Third Future team. Additional contributed Drupal modules were leveraged in order to provide enhanced functionality without having to rely on too much customized code.

Using Drupal's easy use content management system, the basic pages and other articles on the website can be easily managed by Third Future staff. Finally, Monarch Digital provided a few hours of training to bring their staff members up to speed on customizing their website using the built in Drupal theming tools. After this initial development project, Monarch provides inexpensive ongoing support to apply updates and keep the site running smoothly.