Access Products, Inc. sells printer supplies to a wide variety of governmental organizations.  When the Palo Alto purchasing personnel for the Veteran's Administration outlined their purchasing and approval process to Access Products, Access Products turned to Monarch Digital to model that business process and earn their business.

Employees in the VA Palo Alto organization can request printer supplies through the VA Palo Alto web site.  The purchase request requires some unique information, including the equipment number that matches the printer supplies requested.  When the purchase request passes a number of edit criteria, it is added to the Approver's queue.

An approver logs into the site and is presented with a queue of purchase requests to approve.  An approver can either approve or deny a purchase request.  If the purchase request is denied, the requester is emailed with that information.  If the purchase request is approved, it is forwarded to the Purchaser.

A purchaser logs into the site and works through a list of approved purchase requests.  The system then actually creates an order for the purchaser, supplying default delivery and payment information.

Completely in the background, the website is creating and receiving EDI transactions for a third party vendor who is doing further processing of the order and collecting shipping information.