Vaughan HVAC

Vaughan Heating and Air Conditioning has provided total HVAC solutions to southern New Jersey since 1937. Vaughan originally came to Monarch to provide long term support for the site. Over time, Monarch upgraded the inherited Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 to take advantage of the Drupal security updates.

When Vaughan wanted to give their site a more modern look, Vaughan turned to Monarch to implement design comps from their designer. The new site is completely responsive and provides a clean interface, allowing customers to research giving customers both the information they need to learn about Vaughan and to contact Vaughan and schedule service.

Some of the more unique features of the Vaughan site are:

  • Drupal 8 core (from Drupal 7)
  • Custom responsive theme
  • All custom theme settings manageable from the UI
  • Large editable hero images on each page
  • Custom font icons

Monarch often implements independent designers’ comps in re-theming Drupal sites. In most cases, Monarch can easily translate comps pixel-for-pixel into Drupal. If a designer does not have experience with CMS’s or Drupal, the designer could develop features and functionality that would require custom theming. Monarch often provides less expensive, equivalent options to the designer and site owner.