Learn the Four Essential Steps for Running Drupal on Windows

Setting up a Drupal site on the Windows operating system can seem like a daunting task, especially when coming from the Linux world. The biggest difference is getting used to configuring tools with a user interface, rather than entirely on the command line.

Using MongoDB With Drupal

Because of the database abstraction layer that was added in Drupal 7, it is fairly convenient to use a variety of database servers for the backend of your Drupal software. While the term "database abstraction layer" does sound rather sophisticated, and the code involved is certainly not insignificant, in layman's terms what this system does is provide a way for a Drupal developer and Drupal modules to work with its database without generally having to be concerned with what type of database it is.

Migrate URL aliases to Drupal 8 including pathauto

Urls are an extremely important part of your website. They define the structure of your site and allow search engines to index your content. Because of this, it is critical to keep urls pointing to the same content when you migrate your website to Drupal 8.

For this post, I will assume you are familiar with creating custom migrations in Drupal 8. If you are new to migrations or need more information on creating custom migrations, please see the Migrate API documentation on drupal.org.

Drupalcon 2016 NOLA Recap

Monday - May 9

This year for DrupalCon 2016 we traveled down to The Big Easy (New Orleans, LA). We packed up the kids and drove from Colorado through Texas, staying just ahead of the thunderstorms and tornadoes. We arrived in New Orleans with plenty of time check in to our hotel.

Monday afternoon was spent setting up our new booth and attending the opening night reception in the exhibit hall. This year we were exhibiting as Drupal Site Support by Monarch Digital.

Vision for Drupal User Experience Moving Into the Present

It is undoubtedly difficult for any project being operated by and contributed to by thousands of people, in an uncentralized manner, to keep pushing that project at a rate such that it is always at the front-end of the curve of innovation. At companies like Apple, a singular, unwavering, and incredibly inspired vision put forth by a leader like Steve Jobs helped keep a steadily growing company at the front of its competition despite no longer being just a tiny group of innovators working in a garage.

Making Drupal Internships Work For Everyone Involved

Here at Monarch Digital, we have had a number of paid interns. Most didn't know much of anything about Drupal when they first started working with us. All were enthusiastic and smart, and we liked them all, but ultimately we didn't hire a single one (so far).

Reflecting on this I wonder, was that outcome something to do with us as an organization? Was it because of them, or even Drupal itself? In reality, it was probably to some degree all of those things combined.