Having expert Drupal support is often critical to achieving the maximum potential for your Drupal website or application. Monarch Digital has been providing support for our clients for more than a decade, and have accumulated a tremendous amount of expertise. When it comes to Drupal support, you'll want a team that is responsive to your needs, confident in their technical skills, and able to jump in and solve your issue as soon as possible. Need help? Give us a call!

What Can You Expect When Evaluating Different Drupal Support Vendors?

It can be helpful for organizations looking for professional Drupal support to get a glimpse of how different vendors operate. In this article we share how a real company actually evaluated various Drupal developers to support and enhance a set of Drupal websites.

How Best to Structure Drupal Support Agreements?

There are many ways that Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) do not work for web development projects. In most cases, RFP’s don’t work well for support either. In one case, I had a client present us with a list of specific projects they needed to have completed. We talked through the projects and examined their website to provide them with estimates on their specific needs. As we did further research, we found that we inherited spaghetti code. Then, the more items we addressed, the more got added to our list.

How to Choose the Right Drupal Support Provider

We have found that organizations and individuals select a Drupal support vendor using a wide variety of rational (and sometimes emotional) criteria. I believe all of these different reasons are important, but it is critical to establish for yourself how each quality is weighted with regard to how a good Drupal support vendor can better serve you.

What Are the Different Types of Drupal Support?

Especially in the Drupal world, there are Drupal shops that only do new development. They do not support what they have built. They move on to the next development project. They do development well and, for whatever reason, they call a site “done” and move on.

How to Clear Your Drupal Cache When Your Website WSOD or Errors

The Drupal "White Screen of Death" or WSOD for short, is an incredibly frustrating part of developing with this CMS. We share some tips on how to get past problems with clearing Drupal cache caused by this error state.

Drupal 6 Upgrade or Support?

Drupal 6 site owners are facing a difficult question: What to do with a web technology that is no longer going to be supported? As an organization that specializes in Drupal support and migrations, we have been talking with diverse organizations about their options, their budgets and, frankly, how their websites fits into their operations. We lay out technical alternatives, business case studies and the decision factors for Drupal 6 site owners.

Could You Restore Your Website Yourself If Necessary?

Scenario. A business, governmental organization or non-profit turns to us to make some overdue updates to their Drupal website. Over time, they call upon us to further enhance it. They ask about how the website could support more strategic initiatives for the organization. As if a light bulb goes off, all of a sudden, they are frantically asking about backups. And, wait! If we had to restore from a backup, do we know if that will work?