Why We Use Drupal CMSMonarch Digital has worked with the Drupal open source content management and development framework to create websites since 2007.

Since that time, Drupal’s software has undergone significant changes while its community and reach has grown tremendously. It remains an incredibly versatile platform for building interactive websites with rich features and experiences.

Drupal is used in a wide variety of high visibility advocacy organizations, educational institutions, governmental bodies and private companies. With these excellent qualities, Drupal provides a number of advantages for our clients, and as such remains one of our preferred tools for website development.

No Licensing Fees

Drupal is an open source project under the GNU GPL v2.0, and there is no base cost for using Drupal. More: https://www.drupal.org/about/licensing#drupal-license

Free Modules and Themes

Through the availability of thousands of contributed modules that have been built by Drupal’s huge community, development and support costs for your website can be minimized while facilitating the most advanced features of the web. Drupal also provides a wide variety of open source themes to attractively and economically display your website content. These contributed modules and themes extend the same licensing structure as the core Drupal project and as such are also free to use.


Drupal SupportWith just the core systems it provides, Drupal can be built into a website with a strong web presence. Drupal’s open architecture and “API-first” approach can be leveraged to build virtually any functionality into your website. While no additional plugins are needed to display or edit the website, the contributed module ecosystem allows you to enhance your website in almost limitless ways.


As a content management system, Drupal allows less technical users to easily modify the content and appearance of the website. Initiatives focusing on accessibility, multilingual content, mobile and small screen responsiveness, and the overall user experience with the core Drupal systems have lead to the latest version of Drupal being a fantastic platform for users with all kinds of personal and professional backgrounds.


Drupal Security Drupal and its suite of core and contributed modules are continually being updated with security and functional additions at no charge to Drupal users. Despite it being a collaborative and distributed open source project, there is a dedicated team of skilled engineers that work to identify and resolve vulnerabilities.

Contrary to popular belief, having the Drupal core code visible to the world does not make it less secure. Arguably, Drupal is made less vulnerable than other proprietary systems by having literally thousands of developers working every day to improve the code base.


The Drupal community is very strong and constantly evolving, not only ensuring a healthy talent pool of developers and companies that can support a website, but also bringing new and innovative ideas into the project. Through this community Drupal has available its many thousands of contributed modules and an immense amount of technical expertise that is helping to drive the wider website development industry forward.